Painting walls is a task many people underestimate. It may seem simple on the surface, but there are many details and technicalities to the process that make it far more complicated than it may initially seem. Everyone can smear a wall with paint, but it takes a real expert to do it evenly, without splotches, and without leaving a mess. At Deco Painting, we offer some of the most professional painting services in the city – find out for yourself!

Take a look at how we approach our job with the following pointers and videos.

Our painting process

1. Sanding the walls

Sanding the walls video

We start every job by sanding the walls so that they’re even. A lot of the times, the plaster on the walls isn’t perfectly smooth and this can cause the paint to peel off.

2. Cleaning up the dust

Cleaning up the dust video

After the walls are smoothed out, it is incredibly important to clean them. Removing all the dust is essential, as otherwise the paint might stick to the dust particles instead of the wall, leaving behind uneven splotches.

3. Mixing the paint

Mixing the paint video

We mix the mistcout paint with water – this helps make the paint more resistant  to external factors and make it last longer.

4. Painting the wall

Painting the wall video

The painting proper begins – we start by applying paint along the top and bottom of the wall with a brush, and then the rest of the wall with a roller for an even coating.

5. Removing the tape

Removing the tape video

We take off the protective tape that we used to protect the doorframes in a single, straight motion.

6. Filling up holes

Filling up holes video

After painting is done, some holes on the wall might show up that weren’t visible before. At this stage, we fill them up and cover up with paint.

7. Filling up spaces between walls and skirtings

Filling up spaces between walls and skirtings video

We also fill up the spaces between the walls and the skirting to make sure everything is nice and smooth.

8. Final clean-ups

Final clean-ups video

Finally, once all the painting is done, we clean up all the dust and dirt that was a result of the painting and leave the area completely spotless.

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